Portable Office Cabins

Portable Office Cabins are fabricated structure from used 20′ and 40′ containers, strong, secureportableofficecabin_interior and comfortable . Most importantly they are easily relocatable and / or transported as a unit.

We specialize in all  types of portable office cabins , site office cabins and provide customized solutions to  all types of users – project , site managers, infrastructure companies, builders, developers, oil drilling companies, seismic study  contractors, Military outfits, geological survey companies and many more.

Our portable cabins give you  the advantage of  quick   occupation of sites without any delay and commence work.  Instead of  making concrete structures  and wait , you can  walk  in to your  site  with your  office from day one.   Our Portable Office cabins are tough Externally and aesthetic internally and suit any weather conditions.

Our Portable Cabins are insulated and paneled.   With all electrical points and Airconditioner, you can feel at home in the  site cabins we provide.  The portable office cabins are usually made from used good containers of 20’ and 40’ length sizes  and hence it is sturdy and easily movable from one site to another without any  discomfort.  You can easily move the Portable office cabins  like you move shipping containers.

Portable cabins can  be designed  as per your need . Not only for office –  We can provide toilets, canteens, rest rooms, marketing and sales offices, conference room, testing laboratories, Stores,Etc.

MSTL provides furnished protable office cabins with furniture, air conditioner, internal electrical wiring and fittings, toilet and also unfurnished cabins in a range of size other than 20′ and 40′ container. Our technology supports the manufacture of customer specific designs like:

  • The portable office cabins  for  construction sites
  • Site  bunks  for Infrastructure  companies 
  • Portable Toilets
  • Security cabins
  • Portable Exhibition stalls
  • Dining cabins for sites
  • Rest Rooms for sites
  • Portable Cabins for Educational purposes
  • Convertainers for Election  campaigns
  • Caravan  convertainers
  • Portable Kitchen cabins
  • Mobile Hospital clinics
  • Farm House Cabins
We also offer  on Rental and Outright sale basis :

REEFER CONTAINERS   for  Transportation and  Storage of Perishables.

GENERAL STORAGE CONTAINERS  – 20’ and 40’  containers  for Storage purposes.

FLAT RACKS AND OPEN TOPS –  Special containers for movement of Equipments/ Machineries

In view of   convenience,  our portable office  cabins are rented  or purchased  by  variety of users. In case you are setting up a site  from scratch and you need office with all  requirements of  office, please do not hesitate to call us.  We can  assist you in supplying  office needs, stationery, first aid kits, Tables , chairs,  beds,  canteen requirements,   and anything you may require.